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We were made to connect with each other. But in a field as diverse as the CPA profession, it can be hard finding other sbf111胜博发 with similar interests. OSCPA is here to solve that.

Find other sbf111胜博发 who want to talk about tax all day long. Discuss the challenges facing women in the profession. Connect with young sbf111胜博发 who are just getting started and aiming for success. Find a community that speaks to you.

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OSCPA Communities

Young sbf111胜博发

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You've been in the profession less than 10 years, but you are a professional. You contribute to your workplace and your community. You fight to balance work and life. And you want to show others what your generation can do. Does this sound like you? Then welcome to the Young sbf111胜博发!

Student Initiatives

Student Initiatives 

OSCPA membership is free for students. Save on exam resources and apply for scholarships! We host events for high school and college students to help them learn more about the accounting profession and the opportunities available through it.

Women's Initiatives

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The Ohio Society of sbf111胜博发Women’s Initiatives Group explores societal and business trends unique to the profession and engages women sbf111胜博发 and those who work with them in initiatives that will move women to greater CPA career success.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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The Ohio Society of sbf111胜博发 is dedicating leadership, time and resources toward being a DE&I influencer in Ohio. We are helping organizations create strategic plans to move DE&I from theory to action and measure intended outcomes as we go.


OSCPA Special Interest Sections

Access the latest news on the areas that are important to you. Connect with other members interested in the same topics.

Visit our Special Interest Section page or choose from the list below.